Specsavers Hearing Centres

Specsavers in Felixstowe would like to invite the local community to book a free hearing test, to make sure they are not struggling with hearing loss.

The audiology experts hold a weekly clinic here at The Grove Medical Centre every Wednesday, including a wax removal service using micro suction.

Audiology director Westly Fox started working in the optics/audiology industry 25 years ago and has worked as an audiologist across Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex for the past six years.

Specsavers’ specialist diagnostic equipment is able to test for a variety of hearing loss, whether it is caused by a blockage of the ear, perforation, fluid behind the eardrum or nerve damage. Audiologists are able detect more serious conditions such as otosclerosis – a fusion of the bones in the ear – or acoustic neuroma – a tumour on the auditory nerve causing tinnitus, issues with balance and hearing loss.

Westly says: ‘We often see people who have been struggling for years but have finally come in to get some help after reaching the point where they can’t function properly anymore. Hearing aids can make a big difference so I’d urge anyone who notices they can’t hear as well as they used to, to come in for a free test.’

In the UK it is estimated that one in six people have some form of hearing loss, with this figure predicted to increase by 42 per cent over the next 15 to 20 years*. Many people do not realise they have a problem until it is too late.

Westly Fox ( FdSc) RHAD MSHAA

‘Having hearing loss doesn’t necessarily mean you need hearing aids’ Westly continues, ‘but our audiologists will be able to tell you how much hearing you’ve lost and give you some advice about how to cope with it.

Specsavers recommends that everyone over the age of 55 should have a hearing test every two years. Westly adds: ‘People should especially come to us if they are suffering with their hearing or their ears. We don’t just sell people hearing aids, we can help detect medical conditions and refer customers when necessary.’

*Statistics from actiononhearing.co.uk

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