Patient Charter

Code of Conduct- The Grove Medical Centre

  • Patients have the right to care and treatment tailored to their needs and preferences
  • Patient will be involved in their care and decisions.

Dignity and Respect

  • Give patients dignity and respect by providing privacy when patients need and want it, giving support to the patient.
  • Offer a chaperone if an examination is to be completed.
  • The practice has a strict confidentiality protocol protecting your personal health information.


  • The patient or their legal representative are to give Consent before any treatment or care is given. (This could be implied or expressed consent).


  • To provide safe care and treatment. Providers must assess health and safety of any treatment and have the qualifications, competence, skills and experience.
  • The patient must be treated in a safe environment, where the building and room is clean, safe and maintained. Any equipment to be used in your care is secure and used correctly.

Right to Complain

  • There is a complaint system in place and patients have the right to complain about care or treatment. Investigations will be done and any problems found will be identified.


  • Systems are in place to ensure effective governance. Checks on quality and safety of care are reviewed so the service can improve and risks to health, safety and welfare can be reduced.


  • The Practice ensures there are enough qualified, experienced, competent staff to meet the above standards.
  • Staff are given support, training and supervision, to be able to do their job.
  • The Practice has a recruitment procedure in place to ensure the Practice employs staff who can provide care and treatment appropriate to their role.
  • The Practice carries out the relevant checks when recruiting including criminal record checks and work history.

Duty of Candour

  • The Practice is open and transparent about patient care and treatment they receive. If anything goes wrong, the practice will tell the patient what has happened, support and apologise.
  • The practice displays its CQC ratings on public noticeboards within the Practice, on the website and makes the latest report for the practice available for patients to read.